The Star and His/her Seductive Qualities: The Art of Seduction

People are getting busier in life from time to time owing to a heap of responsibilities and the cost of living which make their daily lives miserable and pathetic. Stars seem distant from such people and give an aura of confidence and self-sufficiency, people see their broken dreams in them and wish to be as free as them, devoid of worries and boredom. Stars are busy in life but they seem happy and joyful; confident and bold, and they do not let others feel that they are bored in their lives, rather they let others feel that they are happy in their lives and have all the freedom.

“Daily life is harsh, and most of us constantly seek escape from it in fantasies and dreams. Stars feed on this weakness; standing out from others through a distinctive and appealing style, they make us want to watch them. At the same time, they are vague and ethereal, keeping their distance, and letting us imagine more than is there. Their dreamlike quality works on our unconscious; we are not even aware how much we imitate them. Learn to become an object of fascination by projecting the glittering but elusive presence of the Star.”

Key Points:

  • Stars make their own styles; they are the center of attention.
  • Stars appear bigger than life.
  • Bringing fantasies to life is very seductive.

Fetishistic attention:

Stars bewitch people through their styles, voice, and body parts. People are drawn to faces, and stars beautify their faces and learn to adopt a unique style that makes them different and unique from others. They deliberately reveal a part of themselves such as naked hands, cleavage, feet, and other parts that spark the imaginations and take the victims into a fantasy world. The essence of seduction is that you tease the other person, you give him something to think about. What could be more seductive when he/she does not even know while admiring you? It is because they have seen your face, heard your voice, and seen a part of your body. This is how stars seduce crowds of people, give them something to think about, conquering a part of their minds. In seduction, the first step is to let the other person think about you. As Robert Greene says, “first conquer the mind, and then the body.”

She had such natural poise . . . such an economy of gesture, that she became as absorbing as a Modigliani. . . . She had the one essential star quality: she could be magnificent doing nothing. —BERLIN ACTRESS LILI DARVAS ON MARLEN E DIETRICH

Mythic figure:

Stars are not like others, their presence is exaggerated, and they adopt different roles in life which seem awe-inspiring and challenging, and not everyone is daring enough to play with fire. In seduction, the mystery is badly needed since seduction is all about it, and stars are shrouded in mystery, and people just keep thinking about them to decipher their next move. They appear bigger than life, give vision and hope, and target people’s unconscious. Politicians seduce on a mass level and play with people’s feelings and emotions.

“People are hopelessly susceptible to myth, so make yourself the hero of a great drama. And keep your distance—let people identify with you without being able to touch you. They can only watch and dream.”

A mix of the real and the unreal:

Stars are charismatic in nature and they bring fantasies to life, which are saved in people’s memories for so long, and when they see them projecting a beam of light that targets their unconscious, and they feel that their dreams can come true.  Stars have their own unique styles; they dress differently; they walk differently; they talk differently; they are the theater of life projecting people’s fantasies.

“What you need to do is etherealize yourself. Your words and actions seem to come from your unconscious—have a certain looseness to them. You hold yourself back, occasionally revealing a trait that makes people wonder whether they really know you.”

Colorful and vibrant:

Stars are the center of attention and love to be in the spotlight. What makes them different than others is their vibrant personalities and taste for forbidden and challenging things. They deliberately do things that are against the norms since they know people badly desire to break the norms but they are afraid of the consequences. Everything about them is heightened, their dresses and styles; their perfumes and deodorants; their way of walking and talking— what they wear become trendy, and what they say goes viral, such are the effects of stars on people.

“The attraction must be unconscious, conveyed not in your words but in your pose, your attitude. Now more than ever, people are insecure, and their identities are in flux. Help them fix on a role to play in life and they will flock to identify with you.”


Stars are the center of attention and enchant people through their dressings, voices, walking styles—and physical beauty. They are the theater in life and incite people’s fantasies; they see their shattered dreams in their acts.


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