The Dandy and His/her seductive Qualities: The Art of Seduction

People feel trapped in nasty things in life with time and tend to rush things due to busy routines and responsibilities. The Dandy is a kind of seducer who charms such people who do not have freedom in life and are stuck in daily turmoil; they are busy pursuing one thing after another. The Dandy is attractive to women since it emanates feminine qualities; the Dandy is also masculine and charms an audience of men. The Dandy presents his own style and image to the world, which bewitches a crowd of people.

“Most of us feel trapped within the limited roles that the world expects us to play. We are instantly attracted to those who are more fluid, more ambiguous, than we are—those who create their own persona. Dandies excite us because they cannot be categorized, and hint at a freedom we want for ourselves. They play with masculinity and femininity; they fashion their own physical image, which is always startling; they are mysterious and elusive. They also appeal to the narcissism of each sex: to a woman they are psychologically female, to a man they are male. Dandies fascinate and seduce in large numbers. Use the power of the Dandy to create an ambiguous, alluring presence that stirs repressed desires.”

Key Points:

  • Possessing feminine qualities is handy in seduction.
  • Delay the seduction, don’t give yourself easily.
  • In seduction, following your path is necessary.

Subtly feminine:

The Dandy is feminine towards women to let them feel that he is their mirror image; he gets into women’s minds and uncovers what has been hidden in them. He pays attention to minor details; he let them feel he is present and very attentive.  What women look for is someone who can listen to them and understand them; the Dandy reflects the image exactly the women had imagined in their heads.

“Do not be one of those who believe that what is most seductive is being devastatingly masculine. The Feminine Dandy has a much more sinister effect.”

Too elusive:

The Dandy is not devoted to a single woman, he has charmed masses, and every woman desires to possess him. What makes you more powerful and magnificent is your elusiveness: when you let them feel you can be conquered, but it is not that easy. The Dandy plays the role of a king, and everyone around him struggles to possess him. Seduction is powerful and lasts for a long period of time when you delay it; when you are in no rush; when you wait till her desires were ripe, and she cannot wait for more.

“I am a woman. Every artist is a woman and should have a taste for other women. Artists who are homosexual cannot be true artists because they like men, and since they themselves are women they are reverting to normality.” —PABLO PICASSO

Confusion and excitement:

The masculine Dandy exhibits masculine qualities of men that attract people towards her. She instills doubts in her victim’s mind as well as excites him wildly. She knows the art of seduction: appear bigger than yourself and do not give yourself easily. The masculine Dandy has a powerful effect on men since a woman with masculine qualities is rarely found, and there are men looking for women who are able to possess them spiritually, mentally, and physically.

“The two emotions that almost every male felt in the presence of Lou Andreas-Salomé were confusion and excitement—the two prerequisite feelings for any successful seduction.”


The Dandy is different from other people; he has his own style of dressing, walking— and talking. He does not care much about societal norms and traditions; he follows his own way. Everyone in society lives their lives according to some rules and principles; some rules are not liked by many people since they have less role in shaping their personality; such rules were applicable in the past, now they are old and not needed, but they are following them due to fear and other reasons, while the Dandy does not live his life by the rule. When you deviate from a path that is busy all the time, and you follow a path less crowded, there is a good chance that people would spot you, and you may be followed. What many people lack are bravery and courage, and the Dandy is brimming with such qualities.

“We should never complain about most people’s slavish conformity, however, for it offers untold possibilities of power and seduction to those who are up for a few risks.”


The Dandy seduces the masses since he follows his own style; he is unique and nonconformist. A woman exhibiting manly qualities has powerful, seductive people since such women are hardly available. Women are in need of men, a woman who does not need anyone and is independent bewitches crowds of people.


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