The Siren and Her Seductive Qualities: The Art Of Seduction

There are nine kinds of seducers, everyone has his own traits and seduction pull. The Siren is a kind of seducer who attracts victims through her sexual energy and charm that allure the prey into her cage through subtle maneuvers. The siren transforms her victim into a fantasy land; she takes him on an adventure trip to release him from the chains of duties and responsibilities.

“A man is often secretly oppressed by the role he has to play—by always having to be responsible, in control, and rational. The Siren is the ultimate male fantasy figure because she offers a total release from the limitations of his life. In her presence, which is always heightened and sexually charged, the male feels transported to a world of pure pleasure. She is dangerous, and in pursuing her energetically the man can lose control over himself something he yearns to do. The Siren is a mirage; she lures men by cultivating a particular appearance and manner. In a world where women are often too timid to project such an image, learn to take control of the male libido by embodying his fantasy.”

Key Points:

  • The Siren has the ability to distract her victim through her charm and physical qualities.
  • In seduction, variety attracts and charms.
  • Be elusive in seduction, do not give yourself to him easily.

The ability to distract:

The siren has the ability to distract her victim through her dressings, way of talking, and walking. Sense of humor, perfumes, makeup, and other things which make her the center of attention. It is not beauty that makes her more charming; it is her ability to distract men. There are countless beautiful women, but they are not good at seducing since they do not know how to cast a spell. On the other hand, the siren, though not that beautiful, is able to win men’s hearts. She knows how to distract a man and trap him in her cage.

“Only one image of Cleopatra survives—a barely visible profile on a coin— but we have numerous written descriptions. She had a long thin face and a somewhat pointed nose; her dominant features were her wonderfully large eyes. Her seductive power, however, did not lie in her looks—indeed many among the women of Alexandria were considered more beautiful than she. What she did have above all other women was the ability to distract a man.”

Constant variety:

The siren does not stay constant; she changes herself from time to time. She wears different dresses; she changes her makeup and hairstyle. She knows when she is perceived as someone ordinary, she will lose her charm. Therefore, she changes her role, sometimes appears too friendly, and sometimes gets angry. She remains a mysterious person. Her constant variety makes her the center of attention, and the victim under her spell struggles to possess her, but when she gives herself to him, she withdraws quickly and makes him worship her for years. The easily you are possessed, the seduction power you possess is power, and now you are an ordinary person to him. What the siren does, she instills seeds of doubt in his heart that she can be yours, and he tries his level best to get her, but that does not happen. She never submits to his will, when she does, the seduction is power. Therefore, she withdraws when she feels she is losing her seduction power, or she leaves when the relationship is at its peak. He pleads and says sorry and wishes to reconcile and feel her warmth once more, but she does not succumb to her pleadings too early. She waits till her desires ripen; she continues this pattern for years to keep him under her spell. The reason people fall apart too early is they share everything and rush things which kills curiosity and mystery. The essence of seduction is its mystery, when it is unfolded, it is over. So change your variety, and maintain your seduction pull.

“Cleopatra provided constant variety—tributes, mock battles, expeditions, costumed orgies. Everything had a touch of drama and was accomplished with great energy.”

“A man is easily deceived by appearances; he has a weakness for the visual. Create the physical presence of a Siren (heightened sexual allure mixed with a regal and theatrical manner) and he is trapped. He cannot grow bored with you yet he cannot discard you”

The incarnation of sex and desire:

The Sex Siren gives off vibrations that arouse the libido of the victims, even the elderly wish to possess her. She wears clothes that add more beauty to her seductive aura, she talks sweetly and changes her tones, though her words may not be wise, her breathy tones fierce the mind and heart, and her words are remembered. She has learned the art of walking, talking, and dressing. She has studied in depth how to appeal to human emotions to allure them. It is not beauty that makes you a great seducer, it is the art of playing the seduction game that makes you a great seducer.

“Her time never seems to be taken up by work or chores; she gives the impression that she lives for pleasure and is always available.”

Supremely confident:

The Siren appears bigger than life; she is the one in the group so different and unique, attracting everyone to herself. Her masculine energy bewitches men; they struggle to pursue her. She is a strong figure who makes men slaves of herself. In today’s world, everyone is busy, such figures could hardly be seen. She often targets people of authority and power and distracts them with seduction powers.

“First and foremost, a Siren must distinguish herself from other women. She is by nature a rare thing, mythic, only one to a group; she is also a valuable prize to be wrested away from other men”

Elusive and distant:

The Siren does not give herself to her prey easily; she deliberately creates obstacles for men in their pursuit of her. She lets them feel it is they who struggle to catch her, while she controls everything. Dangerous in seduction is very powerful, when there is no risk, seduction loses its charm. The Siren gives off mixed signals to her victims that she is available and can be pursued, but she makes the chase an adventure and a thriller. Once you give yourself to someone easily, you end the seduction before it begins. The reason couples break up early is they end the seduction before it starts, they smile, they meet, they get physical, and the mystery is over. Make yourself elusive and distant, drift them into a fantasy world, and gradually trap them through your seductive powers.

“To get the male to pursue you is relatively simple: a highly sexual presence will do this quite well. But you must not resemble a courtesan or whore, whom the male may pursue only to quickly lose interest in her. Instead, you are slightly elusive and distant, a fantasy come to life. During the Renaissance, the great Sirens, such as Tullia d’Aragona, would act and look like Grecian goddesses—the fantasy of the day.”

Physical qualities:

The voice of a Siren is languorous and insinuating; she talks as if she has just left her bed. She attracts people through her melodic, soothing voice; she talks in a slow manner; she brings beauty and pleasure when she opens her mouth. She reveals a part of her body just to incite the imagination of men; she deliberately leaves a beautiful part of her body naked; it could be her cleavage or her naked arms. She adorns herself in unique dresses and jewelry. She walks gracefully, attracting everyone around her. She moves her hands in an exquisite manner; she has adopted a soft language to charm people listening to her. She has learned all these skills through practice which makes her a great seducer.

“Woman is well within her rights, and indeed she is accomplishing a kind of duty in striving to appear magical and supernatural. She must astonish and bewitch; an idol, she must adorn herself with gold in order to be adored. She must borrow from all of the arts in order to raise herself above nature, the better to subjugate hearts and stir souls.”


The Siren has learned the art of seduction and lures people towards herself via her boldness and physical qualities. What makes her different from others is her supreme confidence, posture, demeanors, and bigger-than-life appearance. She creates obstacles for her victim to make the seduction powerful and enchanting. She takes her prey into a fantasy world and lets him live there.


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