People make lofty promises; they talk endlessly about their future; they also reveal the way they would reach their targets, but the next moment they forget what they have said; they follow their old routines. Talking would not lead us where we want to in life unless we act, and wise people hardly talk, they listen more since they know what the other person is saying is utter nonsense, and it is useless to change the mindset of a person who sticks to his thoughts and is not willing to accept new ideas. Politicians appeal to people’s emotions, they promise a bright future, but action speaks louder than the world, and when he grabs power and does not fulfill their promises, he is not accepted the next time.

Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know. —LAO TZU


  • Writing requires commitment and dedication.
  • Talking is lethal when your words are useless.
  • People do not believe a person who does not live up to his words.

It is easier to talk about writing:

It is easy to talk than action and get the job done. People post on social media that they want to be writers, they have ideas, and they are learned, but they are not disciplined; they waste their time saying postponing things that they should do today. The talented, bright people lag behind in life due to talking while not being practical and serious while the ordinary people get ahead in life, thrive ahead, and make a name for themselves. To get our desires and goals, we need to be practical and life and live up to our words and live our dreams and fantasies, rather than talking and talking and talking that gets us nowhere, rather delaying our progress. Successful people in life thrive ahead in life due to the fact that they understand and feel the importance of time, and they do know that each second is precious in life, and when it is wasted, it does not come back.

“We seem to think that silence is a sign of weakness. That being ignored is tantamount to death (and for the ego, this is true). So we talk, talk, talk as though our life depends on it.”

Talk depletes us:

Talking waste energy and time, and the more we talk about our goals while we do not act and move, the harder and farther the goals seem. You need to give your hundred percent to surpass others in your field, talking would not help unless you act and prove yourself. The reason people do not talk seriously gregarious people is they do not give great outcomes; they waste most of their time talking and distracting others.

“Sherman had a good rule he tried to observe. “Never give reasons for you what think or do until you must. Maybe, after a while, a better reason will pop into your head.” The baseball and football great Bo Jackson decided he had two things he wanted to accomplish as an athlete at Auburn: he would win the Heisman Trophy and be taken first in the NFL draft. Do you know who he told? Nobody but his girlfriend.”

Talking creates problems:

It is useless to talk when you have no knowledge, what you say would make no sense, and people around you would push you. An egomaniac speaks his heart to people and does not care what he says which creates problems for him in the future. It is better to stay quiet and listens carefully when you have no knowledge. A person who knows a lot would talk less, and when he talks, his words will make sense.

The poet Hesiod had this in mind when he said, “A man’s best treasure is a thrifty tongue.”


Talking without acts is useless since people hardly believe in a person who does not live up to his words. Talking creates problems and pushes people when words are useless and futile and do not convey any message since people do not enjoy nonsense all the time.

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